Lash Tips

To ensure you make the most out of your lash investment, follow the tips and tricks below to keep your lashes looking as new as the day you received them.

  • When you first receive your lashes, measure them against your eye and trim them down to size. Be sure to trim from the outer edge of the lash band, as the inner edge lashes are specifically designed to mimic your inner corner lashes.
  • Before use, hold your lash by its ends and slightly bend it to ensure the lash curve fits the curve of your eye.
  • Add a thin line of lash adhesive (which you can purchase from our site) to the entire length of the cotton lash band. Wait 30 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky before placing the lash on your eyelid.
  • Beginner tip: begin by lining your eyes with a black eyeliner. If you are still learning to apply false lashes, try using either some tweezers or your fingertips to place the lash on your eyelid. Once the lash is sitting above your natural lashes, pick up the outer corner of the lash band and place it where you would like it to sit. When the outer corner is in place, repeat with the inner corner.
  • Wait an additional 30 seconds for the glue to dry completely so the lash is locked into place.
  • Curl your lashes after the glue has dried. Not only does this ensure that your natural lashes and our mink lashes are indistinguishable, but it makes the lashes feel much lighter on your eyelids, meaning you can wear them for much longer!
  • After your lashes are curled, swipe on a coat of your favourite mascara to help mesh your natural lashes with the mink lashes.
  • Dont forget to pack your lash adhesive with you! If your lash edges pop off your eyelid, we recommend dotting some lash adhesive onto the handle of your tweezers and carefully reapplying it to the back of the band. Don't worry if some glue gets on your eyelid, it will dry clear!
  • To remove the lashes, soak a cotton pad in either some makeup remover, baby oil, or olive/coconut oil, and place over your eyelid for 20 seconds. This will help break down the lash adhesive whilst nourishing the mink fur lashes. Once the lash band has loosened, remove from your eyelid and use tweezers to remove excess adhesive from the lash band.
  • If you are a dancer or cheerleader that uses loose glitter or glitter shadows with your lashes, be sure to use a cotton tip dipped in makeup remover or oil to remove any glitter or shadow particles from the cotton band after use. Dab the lash band on a piece of paper towel to dry it before placing it back into the storage case.
  • Store your lashes in the case they arrived in. Our case allows the lashes to dry and prevents bacteria from forming along the lash band (storing your lashes in cardboard boxes is bacteria's favourite place to grow!)
  • To prolong the use of your lashes, pick up a small spray bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol (if you live Down Under like we do, note that Bunnings sells them for around $2) and spray your lashes lightly after each use. This will further prevent bacteria from growing on the lash band. Allow the alcohol to evaporate before putting your lashes back into their compact.
  • With proper love and care, your Lift Lashes can be worn up to 25 times. You will need to replace them after 25 wears, as they are made with natural materials that will start to deteriorate (unfortunately these lashes don't last forever! But, they will last much longer than all others!)
  • Be sure to tag @liftlashes in your pictures or use the hashtag #liftlashes so we can see your beautiful faces wearing our unique lashes xo

All of our lashes are hand made with the highest quality materials, including Siberian Mink fur lash strands and hypoallergenic cotton lash bands. These high quality standards ensure our lashes outlast others.